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Hi everyone,

Dynasty League Hockey is looking to add writers. In hoping to take our website to the next level we feel we need to give more content to our visitors.

In being honest, here at DLH we have not brought the best to our readers. We have been inconsistent in posting our articles and there is no excuse for the inactivity. In bringing in a few writers, I feel we will be able to consistently get content out to those who visit the site.

Criteria for the positions:

  • We are looking for someone with knowledge in fantasy hockey, specifically in dynasty and keeper leagues. Writing experience isn’t necessary but is valued highly. Grammar and spelling should be at a high level.
  • We understand this is not a job and we understand everyone has a life but we do expect writers to at least consistently post. If you can’t write for whatever reason 99% of the time we’ll understand.
  • We want someone who is able to communicate with us and other writers. We’ll have a group chat going and we can bounce ideas off of each other, tell each other article ideas, allowing everyone to be on the same page.
  • Most of all we want someone who is going to enjoy writing about fantasy hockey and hockey in general. I’ll usually take a look at every article before it’s posted but I will always encourage writers to show their personality and creativity in their articles.
  • Once again positions are NOT paid as DLH does not bring in any type of money.

As far as the application goes:

  • Please state your name, your fantasy hockey experience with dynasty/keeper leagues, and your experience writing. If possible a link to your past work would be helpful.
  • It would also be helpful to know what triggered your interest in writing for the site and your interest in dynasty leagues.

Please email dynastyleaguehockey@gmail.com if you are interested in writing for DLH!

Thank you!

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Terry Bechakas
Terry Bechakas
I am the co-creator of Dynasty League Hockey and I enjoy talking hockey at anytime. Dynasty Leagues along with scouting are a passion of mine.

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